By Robert L. Mues   |   November 2nd, 2019

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Five years ago, we posted an article about the The Counseling and Cooperative Parenting Center of Ohio, LLC, also known as “CCPC – Ohio”. It seemed long overdue that we post an update on this wonderful resource for families with children having been involved in a high conflict divorce case. Click here, to read our initial article about this Center from April 12, 2014. Brenda Patton, the owner and director of the Center, was kind enough to provide me an interview to discuss the evolution of CCPC. Southwest Ohio is certainly fortunate to have this resource!


high conflict divorce ccpcMs. Patton defined it as being cases that have a “revolving door” relationship with the Domestic Relations Courts. They are the cases that are never resolved or settled.  Months and/or years after divorce has been finalized, the parties are still returning to Court to resolve unsettled issues relating to support, visitation, selection of schools, selection of treating physicians, payment of medical expenses, payment of extracurricular expenses, etc.

These cases often involve multiple motions to find one party to be in contempt of court for failure to abide by the terms of the original Decree or subsequent Court Entry and Order. They are the cases that Courts dread as they never seem to reach “completion” or “closure”. These cases are also difficult for attorneys as they are characterized by increased angst and emotion on the part of the parties, and they can be extremely disconcerting when the “financially advantaged” spouse is seeking revenge or “pay-back” against the “financially disadvantaged” spouse. This basically means that the spouse who has money at his or her disposal has free rein to return to Court while his or her disadvantaged spouse may not have the monies available to him or her to retain counsel to defend the action taken against him or her.


The Center endeavors to provide individuals and families comprehensive counseling, therapy and reunification services. The main location is in Mason, Ohio but also has a satellite office in Centerville, Ohio. Most of the cases it handles result from Juvenile or Domestic Relations Court referrals from Warren, Montgomery, Greene, Butler, Hamilton and Clarmont counties. But many lawyers, Guardian Ad Litems and others directly refer cases to CCPC. Working through strained or broken parental relationships is a primary focus. They deal to breakdown reunification obstacles including methods of parenting, mental health issues and alienation issues.

Click here for a link to the CCPC’s website to learn more about the Center. Lynda Kemp, LPC, operates the Centerville, Ohio location. Lynda received her master’s in counseling and her doctorate in counseling and human development from Colorado State University. She focuses her practice in working with couples and families experiencing divorce or custody issues. Lynda has extensive training and experience in divorce/custody-related conflict, parenting, parenting coordination, mediation, and domestic violence in the context of divorce/custody disputes.


Each party is responsible for 100% of his or her session costs. Each session is $100. They require a $500 retainer to start from each parent. There is unfortunately at present a wait list of three to four months. Their wait is a commentary on both the number of high conflict divorce cases in our region as well as the few resources that provide these valuable therapy and reunification services to parents and families. For more information about CCPC, click here for a link to their FAQ page.

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