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At Holzfaster, Cecil, McKnight & Mues, we are passionate about the law! Recognizing that there is a ton of incorrect or misinformation online, we do our best to try to provide our readers accurate and timely information about multiple practice areas. Two of the practice areas we focus on are Divorce and Family Law and Criminal Defense representation (Awarded Top 100 Defense Blog In 2017). Please check our blogs out as well as our EBooks!

Tips for Divorce Lawyers - Having Trouble Obtaining Out of State Discovery?

January 23, 2021

As a lawyer who focuses my practice primarily on Ohio divorce and family law cases, it is easy to sometimes forget about Ohio Civil practice discovery rules and statutes. How many of you....


Do Criminal Convictions Impact Custody Determinations?

January 16, 2021

Criminal convictions may impact the Judge's decision regarding who is granted custody. In Ohio, as in most states, the guiding principle is "what is in the child's best interest". By necessity....


Is parental discipline a defense or an element of a crime under the Ohio domestic violence and assault statutes?

April 19, 2020

On February 19, 2020, the Ohio Supreme Court came out with the decision, State v. Faggs, Slip Opinion No. 2020-Ohio-523, where the Court....


Our EBooks

Looking for information about the Four Basics of Estate Planning in Ohio or divorce protection tips about Finding Hidden Income/Assets in a Divorce? Click on the LEARN MORE button below for your free Ebook download!

Finding Hidden Income/Assets During a Divorce

Finding Hidden Income/Assets During a Divorce

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The Four Basics of Ohio Estate Planning

The Four Basics of Ohio Estate Planning

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