Parenting Conflicts Over Child Raising Goals?

This is the companion article to Dr. Ramey’s article we posted on June 1, 2013, titled “Are Child Raising Strategies Causing Conflict in Your Marriage?” You might want to read them together! Jason’s dad loved sports as a youngster, and

Are Child Raising Strategies Causing Conflict in Your Marriage?

Kids cause conflicts in many marriages. How these issues get resolved has important consequences not only for your children but for the health of your marriage. Disagreements about child rearing are not only inevitable but healthy. Discussion and debate can

Privacy: Should I Blog About My Child’s Life On The Internet?

Consider Kids’ Privacy Before Posting Online The genesis of the article evolved out of conflict I have seen over the past several years with divorced parents arguing about the scope of their child’s internet presence.  Typically, this comes up when

Holiday Season: Don’t be a victim, follow these steps for Happy Holidays

Holiday Season Tips From A Dayton, Ohio, Psychologist The holiday season for some families is a time of tension and turmoil rather than peace and celebration. Stop being a victim of past hurts and perceived pressures. Here’s how to take

2 Things Parents Must do to Support Their Kids’ Digital Experiences

The popularization of the automobile in the 1920’s was not universally welcomed. Many raised questions about the safety of this new invention and their concerns were valid. There are about 1.2 million fatalities world-wide associated with car accidents, another 50

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