How To Dress For Court – Do’s And Don’ts

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale advises on how to dress for the courtroom with her list of appropriate attire to wear in front of a Judge or Magistrate.

Stress of War Shatters More Marriages

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues looks at statistics released by the Pentagon that suggests an increase in divorce rates, up from last year, and how the importance of mental health counselors can be helpful for Military families.

Military Divorces – Factors To Consider Other Than Military Pensions

Attorney Anne Shale discusses the benefits available to former spouses of military members such as, Commissary, Base Exchange, Base Hospital and Medical.

Dividing Military Pensions

Attorney Anne Shale takes a look at how Military pensions can be divided in a divorce

New Military Survivor Benefit Election (SBP) Procedure

Attorney Robert Mues of the Ohio Family Law Blog discusses the new Military Survivor Benefit Election procedure and where to download the new DD 2656-10 form to proceed with the military divorce decree.

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