Prenuptial Agreement: How to Ask for a Prenuptial and Avoid a Break-Up!

Prenuptial agreements are daunting to bring up to one’s significant other and many individuals fear bringing up the topic. Many individuals worry that the prenuptial discussion will cause problems, such as making their significant other feel as if they are

Social Media In Divorce – Prenuptial Agreement Provision

Avoid Post Divorce Disputes – Don’t Forget To Include Social Media Clause in Your Prenuptial Agreement! In the past, we’ve written multiple articles relating to social media. I have linked to some of them at the end of this article.

Prenuptial Agreement: Is it Enforcable If You Dispose of It?

Does Tearing up Your Executed Prenuptial Agreement in Ohio Revoke or Invalidate it? Recently, a New York court held that a husband could enforce a prenuptial agreement against his wife upon divorce, even though at the time the parties had

Is Money Really the Root of all Evil?

Guest Contributor Aaron Hill, a third year student at the University of Dayton School of Law examines the financial issues in a marriage and whether a prenuptial agreement is needed in any relationship.

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