Why You Should Think Twice Before Posting A Photo of Your Child

We often agonize about the technology expectations we have for our kids, but what rules do our children want for us? When kids between the ages of 10 to 17 were asked that question, their highest priority was that we

Divorce Research Shows Children Suffer No Real, Long-Term Effects of Divorce

Important Steps Parents Can Take To Minimize Negative Side-Effects Of Divorce For Their Children Divorce can be earth-shattering for everyone, but arguably no one suffers more than the children involved. That being said, while divorce has proven to have devastating

5 Things You Should Never Say in Front of Your Kids

Arguing in front of your kids can be healthy. Your children know that there are times when conflicts occur in any relationship. When tensions exist, telling your spouse that “we’ll talk about this later in private” may evoke more anxiety

7 Ways to Connect with Your Child

Having an amazing relationship with your child is the foundation for everything we want to accomplish as parents. Here’s how to make that happen. Be real. Great relationships are built upon honesty, caring, and communication. Be genuine with your child.

To Spy or Not to Spy on your Child’s Internet Use

Should parents secretly monitor their child’s text messages, phone calls and social media activities in order to keep them safe? That’s a dilemma confronted by parents as they try to balance safety with honoring their child’s privacy and independence. A

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