Parenting with an Uncooperative Ex

In the second of a two-part article on parenting issues concerning on an uncooperative ex, Family Law attorney Robert Mues provides his perpective as a practicing family law attorney.

Parenting Advice: Staying Connected with Kids, Skype and Technology…

Guest Contributor Gregory Ramey, Ph.D offers his insights on how technology can enhance family life and at the same can be used a parenting tool.

Do I Matter As a Parent? A Child Psychologist Shares Some Good News!

Child Psychologist and contributor Gregory Ramey, Ph.D, shares his thoughts on the importance of parental involement in a child’s life.

Whose Kids Are These?

Guest Contributor Donna F. Ferber, LPC, LADC, warns of the allienation and confusion children of divorce can go through when a parent shares their negative feelings towards the other parent with the child. Ferber gives valuable advice on how to avoid the irreparable damage your children may suffer during this period.

Tips to Help Avoid the Summer Parenting Blues…

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues relays tips from author Ann Dunnewold for parents who want to keep in contact with children away from home during the summer. In addition, guest contributor and psychotherapist Donna F. Ferber offers related advice.

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