Another Same-Sex Parenting Rights Issue Upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court

Another Same-Sex Parenting Rights Issue Upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court declined on February 22, 2018, to hear an appeal of a case where the Arizona Supreme Court found that a lesbian woman should be recognized as the legal parent of the child she and her former wife conceived through artificial insemination during their marriage. How does this hold impact the Ohio courts?

Shared Parenting: Kentucky Governor Signs New Law, Is Ohio Behind the Times?

How Does The New Shared Parenting Law Signed In Kentucky Impact Ohio? Kentucky took a step closer on April 12, 2017 to making shared parenting in instances of divorce the norm in the state.  House Bill 492, received unanimous support

Military Custody Law Update For Deployed Members

Congress Passes Law Affording Military Custody Protection to Our Deployed Servicemembers Deployment Can No Longer Be Held Against Military Parent In Child Custody Disputes Left to Right: Lt. Eva Slusher, her daughter Sara Slusher and Mike Turner For 8 years,

Custody Issues: How To Avoid International Child Abduction

Important Custody Steps to Take to Avoid Child Abduction Overseas Strong Custody Prevention Key In Avoiding International Child Abduction Our guest contributor this week is Judianne Cochran a nationally recognized expert/consultant in the following disciplines: sex offender profiling; interstate and

Custody Case Change – The Requirements

What Legal Requirements Must Be Established For A Custody Case Change In Ohio? This is a follow-up article to guest contributor Judianne Cochran’s post of March 1, 2014 titled “Custody Issues: Post-Decree Modification in Ohio”. In that article Judi focused

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