Guardian Issues: New Responsibilities Imposed on Ohio Guardians

What Are The Additional Requirements For A Guardian Of An Estate In Ohio? While it has always been a great responsibility to serve as a legal guardian for another individual, last year Ohio imposed a number of additional requirements of

Get Your Ex’s Consent To Travel Abroad With Your Minor Child, Avoid Feeling Like You Just Went Over Niagara Falls in a Barrel!

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues provides crucial information on how a simple written consent authorization form known as a “Authorization to Travel with Minor(s) Affidavit” can help avoid border problems with immigration officials for divorced parents who plan on travelling abroad with their minor child.

The Untimely and Unexpected Death of Chris Henry…Questions About the Consequences for His Survivors

Family Law Attorney Anne Shale looks at how the untimely passing of NFL receiver Chris Henry, of the Cincinnati Bengals, can lead to legal problems for survivors if one does not have have an estate planning document, or a Last Will and Testament in place in the event of one’s death.

Estate Planning After Divorce, Statutory Protections Against The Ex-Spouse

After a termination of the marriage of a man and woman, the newly divorced man or woman often fails to consider reviewing and updating his or her estate planning documents a top priority. In the past, this sometimes resulted in

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