Child Abuse Increases During Holiday Season – But You Can Help!

For Victims Of Child Abuse The Holidays Can Be The Worst Around this time of year, it is impossible to go anywhere without hearing or seeing something reminding us to “give thanks” and to get into the “holiday” spirit.  However,

Thanksgiving: What Happens When College Students Return Home For The Holidays?

Parents and College Students Can Find Ways to Peacefully Coexist During Thanksgiving and the Holidays! Call it a clash of cultures. Thousands of college students will soon travel home for Thanksgiving, in their minds, returning as independent adults, but still

In the Season of Excess: Will you Splurge or Binge?

Today while running some errands, I saw mountainous displays of bags of candy so enormous that I would need assistance just getting them to the car! Aisles and aisles of transparent sacks filled with tempting giant size candy bars! Where

Holidays: Just Say No And Feel Empowered!

A Guide to Happier Holidays: Replace HO–HO-HO with NO-NO-NO! Well, the holiday hoopla is ramping up. Displays of sparkly red and green stuff has taken center stage in our stores, catalogues are arriving in droves, internet sites are offering deals,

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