My Divorce Timing – Should I File Now or Wait Until After the New Year?

divorce holidays

Covid-19 Pandemic Just One Of Many Factors That Lead To Divorce In 2020

divorce holidays

The timing of filing for a divorce can be a complicated decision. There are many factors to consider even in the normal Non-Covid times. But now there are even more factors to consider!

First off, in Ohio it is now too late to file a divorce or dissolution and get it finalized before the end of 2020. So, if that was your hope, you have missed that window of time.

I have been meeting with clients helping them formulate exit plans and discuss the timing options for filing their divorces. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Are You Safe?

    Needless to say, that the presence of domestic abuse is a huge factor to consider. If there is ongoing abuse, formulating an immediate ;escape plan’ should be a top priority. Figure out where you can move on a minute’s notice – perhaps temporarily stay with a family member, friend, co-worker, safe haven facility, or a church member? The existence of abuse may trump all the rest of the considerations mentioned below.

  2. COVID-19 Factors:

    Virtually everyone I meet with these days is grappling one way or another

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The Times of the Year When Most Divorces Occur

divorce holidays

Do Major Holidays Impact Your Marriage And Lead To Divorce?

divorce holidaysWeather, and holidays affect our moods, but do divorce rates spike with the seasons? According to researchers in the state of Washington, the peak months for divorce filings occur in March and August, which is the period following summer and winter holidays.

Many couples tend to steer away from filing for divorce around Christmas or Hanukah, and also around summer vacation time. These are typically special times for families and couples going through difficult times are hopeful that holiday/vacation time is a time to help mend a troubled relationship and to have a new start. People often approach the holidays or a vacation trip with high expectations, but these times can be very stressful and emotionally charged. When the occasion doesn’t live up to their expectations, the unhappiness festers.

According to the research done by University of Washington sociologists the two peak months for divorce filings are March and August. Many couples, at least with children, opt for August as it is after summer vacation and before the kids head back to school.

March Is The Time For Divorce According To Study

But why March? The holidays are well … Read More... “The Times of the Year When Most Divorces Occur”

Blast From The Past: Holidays: Just Say No And Feel Empowered!

Blast from the past 13 years Ohio Family Law Blog

Holidays Got Your Down?

PUBLISHERS NOTE: “Congratulations! We all made it through Thanksgiving. So, the mad dash of the holiday season is officially upon us. This sage advice from psychotherapist, Donna F. Ferber, from 2013 warrants a repost. Take a breath. Slow down. And just say “no”.”

A Guide to Happier Holidays: Replace HO–HO-HO with NO-NO-NO!

holidaysWell, the holiday hoopla is ramping up. Displays of sparkly red and green stuff has taken center stage in our stores, catalogues are arriving in droves, internet sites are offering deals, discounts and sales on every imaginable product. Magazines at the grocery checkout display unbelievable glossy covers of gorgeous people, in gorgeous houses, serving gorgeous food. Now with the sudden drop in temperature and the promise of snow this week, the reality that the holidays are descending on us is unavoidable.

It feels impossible to slow this down or simply get a grip. It is like being swept up in some tinselly tidal wave. I don’t want to shop yet; I still am cleaning out the garden! Yet, as the heat clicks on, and my sweaters and even gloves begin to take center stage, it cannot be denied. Here comes the holidaysRead More... “Blast From The Past: Holidays: Just Say No And Feel Empowered!”

Child Abuse Increases During Holiday Season – But You Can Help!

For Victims Of Child Abuse The Holidays Can Be The Worst

child abuse holidaysAround this time of year, it is impossible to go anywhere without hearing or seeing something reminding us to “give thanks” and to get into the “holiday” spirit.  However, as the joy and excitement of the season spreads, so does the stress and anxiety that goes along with it. While it may seem strange to those of us who believe this is the “most wonderful time of the year,” for the victims of child abuse, it can actually be the worst.

With the stress of putting aside money for holiday meals and gifts, the additional events and expenses looming, coupled with children being home from school for an extended period of time, parents are often susceptible to losing control in an attempt to deal with the situation. During the holidays, emotions run high and tempers flare.  As a result, these parents or caregivers often take their frustration out on their children rather than dealing with their anger in an appropriate manner.

Organizations nation-wide often report an increase in child abuse during the holiday season.  For example, the organization Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee states that every year during the … Read More... “Child Abuse Increases During Holiday Season – But You Can Help!”

Thanksgiving: What Happens When College Students Return Home For The Holidays?

Parents and College Students Can Find Ways to Peacefully Coexist During Thanksgiving and the Holidays!

thanksgiving college studentsCall it a clash of cultures. Thousands of college students will soon travel home for Thanksgiving, in their minds, returning as independent adults, but still children in the eyes of their parents, says Scott Hall, a family studies professor at Ball State.

“When college students return home for their first Thanksgiving after having been away at school, they might feel like they are caught between two worlds: echoes of childhood dependency, and nearby adult-like independence,” Hall says. “It is easy to feel the tugs of long-established patterns of home life once stepping back into the family system only recently left behind. Such patterns (to the college students) suddenly feel threatening to the ‘new me’ that has been emerging at school.”

He says parents might similarly feel stuck between two worlds: the long-established guardian role versus the recently evolving, remote support staff.

It is tempting to expect what they have always expected or demanded of their child when he or she is back at home. But this may not sit well with the emerging adult who perceives a lessening ‘need’ for parents, Hall says.

“The … Read More... “Thanksgiving: What Happens When College Students Return Home For The Holidays?”

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