Dissolution: Out with the Old, in with the New?

Marriage Over and Thinking Divorce? Important Information About Ohio Dissolution Proceedings Do you and your spouse BOTH recognize that your marriage is emotionally and all but officially over? Have you been procrastinating moving forward with dissolution and terminating your marriage?

Cohabitation Can Lead To Spousal Support Termination

Love After Marriage For All: How Cohabitation With Another, Regardless Of Sexual Orientation, Can Trigger A Termination Of Spousal Support Post Divorce I couple weeks ago, I attended a very exciting and thrilling divorce seminar (said no one ever) where

Same-Sex Couples: Premarital Cohabitation Assets and Divorce

New Hampshire Case Said to Set Precedent for Same-Sex Couples Upon Divorce, But is Ohio Law Already Set Up for Courts to Reach Similar Decisions? The Supreme Court of New Hampshire recently held that courts may consider premarital cohabitation when

A Review of the Book, Unliving the Dream

Below is my review of the book Unliving the Dream by Sandra Vischer. These five (5) are the major characters or “players” in this fictional life story. Alex: The Wife/Mother and author of the book. She has been married for

Divorce: Why Marriages Fall Apart – And The Survey Says…

How Does A Marriage Fall Apart? Divorce Reseach Reveals Top 10 Reasons The reasons couples divorce are as varied and different as the individuals involved.  However, upon closer examination, it seems that there is often a common thread as to

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