Divorce Linked to Stroke in Men

Study Shows Higher Risk Of Stroke For Men Of Parental Divorce It often is said that children are the most affected by divorce. Now a Toronto study has found that men with divorced parents are significantly more likely to suffer

Bankruptcy Reflections by Several Recent Divorcés

What You Need To Know Before Filing For A Personal Bankruptcy Action Since the beginning of the recent housing crisis, I have had the experience of working with clients who have fallen behind with mortgage payments which resulted in the

Care Insurance: Long-Term Health Care Update

Does Ohio’s long-term care insurance program make sense for you and your family? Attorney Joseph Balmer provides an update for Medicaid participants in Ohio.


INNOCENT SPOUSE AND IRS INNOCENT SPOUSE: AN INTRODUCTION Financial decisions in a marriage are not always a joint venture; wherein both Husband and Wife cooperate in the decision making. In the first few years of my own marriage, my Husband

Palimony Not Recognized in Ohio

Why is Palimony not recognized by Ohio statute or common law in the state of Ohio? Estate Planning and Probate Attorney, Joseph Balmer examines Williams v. Ormsby, a case involving home ownership by a couple not married.

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