Cohabitation Can Lead To Spousal Support Termination

Love After Marriage For All: How Cohabitation With Another, Regardless Of Sexual Orientation, Can Trigger A Termination Of Spousal Support Post Divorce I couple weeks ago, I attended a very exciting and thrilling divorce seminar (said no one ever) where

Bankruptcy Reflections by Several Recent Divorc├ęs

What You Need To Know Before Filing For A Personal Bankruptcy Action Since the beginning of the recent housing crisis, I have had the experience of working with clients who have fallen behind with mortgage payments which resulted in the

Spousal Support: Hidden Time Bomb!

Avoid Future Problems, Consult With An Attorney To Avoid Modification Of Spousal Support By The Courts. Since divorce attorneys, like the rest of the population, do not have a crystal ball, making decisions regarding whether spousal support should be modifiable

Palimony Not Recognized in Ohio

Why is Palimony not recognized by Ohio statute or common law in the state of Ohio? Estate Planning and Probate Attorney, Joseph Balmer examines Williams v. Ormsby, a case involving home ownership by a couple not married.

Social Security and Divorce Alert

How important is an attorney if you are a recipient of Social Security Income or Social Security Disability Income and you are going through a divorce? Family Law Attorney Jessica Shively examines the issue.

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