Divorce As A Medicaid Planning Tool?

Probate and Estate Planning Attorney Joseph Balmer, looks at how Medicaid, instead of Divorce, can be a valuable tool in helping seniors with long-term care expenses in order to avoid exhausting their funds or life savings.

How the New Health Care Reform Will Affect Seniors

Attorney amd head of the Estate Planning and Probate Department, Joe Balmer looks at how the recent Health Reform Law changes affects senior citizens in both positive and negative aspects including prescription coverage, service providers and Medicare.

The Nuts and Bolts of Real Estate “Short Sales”

Attorney Joseph Balmer looks at how homeowners going through a divorce can use a “short sale” to avoid foreclosure litigation on their homes and a crippled credit rating.

Marital Consequences of the Repeal of Federal Estate Tax

Joseph Balmer, head of the Probate and Estate PLanning department, looks at how the recent repeal of the Federal Estate Tax could effect couples’ estate plans, particularly second marriages.

Simple Year End Tax Tips

Probate Attorney Joseph Balmer offers simple tax tips that can keep taxes as low as possible.

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