Legacy Trust: A Premarital Planning Tool

Estate Planning Specialist, Joseph Balmer, digs deeper into the new Ohio Legacy Trust Law Act, and reveals how it can be used as a protection tool in the area of Family Law. Effective March 27, 2013, the Ohio Legacy Trust

Tax: Effects of the “Fiscal Cliff” Legislation

Compromise Reached, But How Does It Effect Tax Planning For 2013? In December, 2012, we addressed the looming “fiscal cliff” tax ramifications and potential last-minute tax planning.  With legislation finally passed in late December, in order to prevent widespread tax

Tax Planning: Year End Alert for 2012

Financial Cliff Poses Several Strategies To Consider For End Of Year Tax Planning The end of the year is always a good time to speak with your financial advisor and discuss any potential last minute tax planning that may be

Care Insurance: Long-Term Health Care Update

Does Ohio’s long-term care insurance program make sense for you and your family? Attorney Joseph Balmer provides an update for Medicaid participants in Ohio.

Palimony Not Recognized in Ohio

Why is Palimony not recognized by Ohio statute or common law in the state of Ohio? Estate Planning and Probate Attorney, Joseph Balmer examines Williams v. Ormsby, a case involving home ownership by a couple not married.

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