Divorce: Options to Dispose of the Marital Residence

What Are The Options To Consider When Disposing Of The Marital Residence In A Divorce Proceeding? In the usual divorce or dissolution proceeding, the disposition of the marital residence is often one of the most important decisions in the case

Divorce on Your New Year’s Resolution List?

If a Divorce is on Your New Year’s Resolution List, Consider this First… Seven Tips for Dealing with Family Issues During the Holidays from Texas Divorce Attorney Richard C. Price I was pondering a list of various topics for this

Divorce Regrets For Couples Likely Says Study

Recent Study Say Couples Experience Increased Unhappiness In Their Second Marriage, Have Regrets Over Divorce Recently there has been some publicity of individuals expressing their regrets regarding obtaining their divorce.  A completely anonymous website, known as http://www.secretregrets.com/, allows individuals who

Divorce: Larger the Engagement Ring, the Higher the Divorce Rate?

Do Divorce Rates Increase When People Spend More Money On An Engagement Ring? Study Says Yes! Traditionally, A princess cut, a pear, a round, or an oval?  Should I go to Jared (He went to Jared) or Stafford or Kay,

Divorce: Dividing iTune Libraries and Other Digital Assets

What Happens To Your Digital Assets In A Divorce? Digital Assets Library That Can Be Divided In A Divorce Process Include Kindle, iTunes, Xbox Live, Games, Apps And Other Digitally Downloaded Media Traditionally, when dividing assets in a divorce, each

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