Marriages: Do Couples Need More Than Love to Last?

Research Suggests More to Just Love in Successful Marriages Marriages Can End In Divorce About 40 to 50 Percent of the Time “All You Need is Love” may be one of the greatest songs written by The Beatles, but the

Deposition Tips: Not Just An Ordinary Conversation!

Helpful Advice If You Are Called To Provide Testimony At A Deposition In any type of civil litigation, whether a personal injury case, a probate court case involving a relative’s will or trust, a business dispute with customers or other

Sexual Assault and 20 Tips to Prevent It!

A Sexual Assault Occurs Every 2 Minutes “Sexual Assault” can be defined as, “any sexual contact or act performed on another without permission. The elements may include use or threat of force, inability of victim to give proper consent or

Parenting Tips on Gifts and Teens Who Don’t Want to Visit

For those of you who follow our blog, you already know that local child psychologist Dr. Greg Ramey is a frequent contributor.  Dr. Ramey is the vice president for outpatient services at Dayton Children’s and writes FamilyWise, a weekly parenting

Parenting with an Uncooperative Ex

In the second of a two-part article on parenting issues concerning on an uncooperative ex, Family Law attorney Robert Mues provides his perpective as a practicing family law attorney.

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