If You Owe Back Support, Don’t Expect Your Stimulus Check

Robert Mues examines stimulus checks and whether they will be reduced or seized by the IRS if you are behind on child support.

Pet Ownership In Divorce Proceedings

For lawyers and others interested in an excellent journal article on this subject. Puppy Love: Providing for the Legal Protection of Animals When Their Owners Get Divorced by Heidi Stroh, 2 J. Animal L. & Ethics 231 (2007). The article

Who Gets Custody of Rover?

In many divorce cases, custody or ownership of the beloved family pet is very important and the dispute can even become contentious. Sean Palmer, author of the Texas Family Law Blog, recently wrote an interesting article on the subject. It

New Study Concludes that Divorce is Neither Good nor Bad: May Not Cause Kids’ Bad Behavior

Here’s a news flash. The “experts” disagree! Many well-respected studies over the years have concluded that kids are often negatively impacted as a result of their parent’s divorce. However according to Allen Li, of the prestigious RAND Corporation’s Population Research

Mother’s Day – A Very Special Day!

Naturally Mother’s Day is a special day for families and especially for mothers. In this day and age however, there are often multiple females who may play a key role in a child’s life. Stepmothers and grandmothers raising their grandchildren

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