“Intextication”…The Dangers of Texting and Driving!

Family Law and Personal Injury Attorney, Robert Mues, provides an update on the Ohio Legislature’s attempt to have Ohio join the growing list of states that have banned texting and driving, better known as intextication.

Caregiver Liability: When Kids Run from Foster Care

Guest Contributor, Daniel Pollack, MSSA (MSW), JD examines research data on youth runaways from foster homes and provides examples of precentative measures caregivers can take to avoid legal liability.

Sudden Divorce Syndrome: Reality or Myth?

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues writes a joint article this week with psychotherapist Donna F. Ferber on the topic of Sudden Divorce Syndrome using both legal and emotional perspectives.

The New Economics of Marriage: More Men Marrying Wealthier Women

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues looks at the importance of Prenuptial Agreements and recent analysis of census data conducte by the Pew Research Center that indicates women have outpaced men in education and earnings, growth.

Fathers are Indeed Important!

Family Law Attorney Robert Mues, looks at how divoced fathers can be more involved with their children by utilizing virtual visitation despite geographical distances.

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