INNOCENT SPOUSE AND IRS INNOCENT SPOUSE: AN INTRODUCTION Financial decisions in a marriage are not always a joint venture; wherein both Husband and Wife cooperate in the decision making. In the first few years of my own marriage, my Husband

Marriage: Better the Second Time Around?

Marriage: Better the Second Time Around? Is Marriage Better the Second Time Around? Or, Are Second Marriages More Successful than First Marriages? Many years ago, a singing icon and legend, Frank Sinatra, released a song entitled “The Second Time Around”…..its words

Shocked at Your Partner’s Behavior During Divorce?

Guest Contributor Donna Ferber looks at several ways to refocus your energy during a Divorce when your partner’s behavior had led to self-neglect and emotional stress.

Palimony Not Recognized in Ohio

Why is Palimony not recognized by Ohio statute or common law in the state of Ohio? Estate Planning and Probate Attorney, Joseph Balmer examines Williams v. Ormsby, a case involving home ownership by a couple not married.

Parallel Parenting: When You and Your Ex Can’t Play Nice

Guest Contributor psychotherapist Donna F. Ferber, looks at what is involved in a parallel parenting plan and how if differs from Cooperative Co-parenting.

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