Divorce: Service Of Process In Ohio

Don’t Know Your Spouse’s Location? How to Complete “Service of Process” When Seeking A Divorce In Ohio When I am retained by a client (Husband or Wife) who is seeking a divorce from his or her spouse, one of my

Divorce: Addressing High Conflict Cases – Tips and Strategies

High Conflict Divorce Tied With High Conflict Personalities According To Therapists On March 24th, 2014, I traveled from Dayton, Ohio to Mason, Ohio to interview Brenda Patton, Therapist, Parenting Coordinator, and Mediator for The Counseling and Cooperative Parenting Center of

Adoption in Ohio: Sweeping Changes May be on the Horizon

Proposed Changes To Ohio Adoption Laws Will Erode Putative Fathers’ Rights Reduction In Contest Time To Favor Adoption Parents In The State Of Ohio On January 29, 2014, the Ohio House of Representatives passed Substitute HB 307, the “Adoption Reform

Family Visitation Center In Greene County, Ohio

Attorney Anne Shale Takes A Tour Of The Family Visitation Center In Greene County, Ohio Family Visitation Center Provides Services For Families Needing Assistance With Visitation Exchanges On December 10, 2010, I visited Erma’s House in Dayton, Ohio in order

Attorney Fees: Motion For Reasonable Attorney Fees

How To Obtain Reasonable Attorney Fees At The End Of A Domestic Relations Case Local Rule entitles Award of Attorney Fees In my last Family Law Blog Article posted on October 12, 2013, I discussed how to obtain interim attorney

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