Divorce: How Employment Affects Men’s and Women’s Decisions to Divorce

Divorce, Employment And Marriage – An Analysis Studies have often attempted to examine the intricate details of divorce by indicating what causes it, which party causes it and how can it be prevented.  Below is an analysis of the National

Divorce: Welcome to the Roller Coaster!

How To Ride Out The Roller Coaster Of Emotions During The Pain Of Divorce Nothing toys with our emotions like the break-up of a relationship. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross describes the six stages of grief as: Shock Denial Bargaining Anger Sadness Acceptance

Divorce: Time to File Now and Attempt Negotiations Later!

Four Common Reasons Why A Spouse Will Initiate A Divorce In the arena of family law, also known as domestic relations law, there are occasions when negotiations take place with the hope that a dissolution of marriage might result or

Divorce: 25 Details Often Overlooked in Negotiations!

Two Founding Members Of The International Academy of Attorneys for Divorce over 50 Compile Their List! Attorney Mark Chinn of Jacksonville, Mississippi, caught my attention with a divorce post to his family law blog about some items that are frequently

Divorce: What If You Don’t Really Want One?

Advice On Contesting A Spouse That Has Chosen To Pursue A Divorce Dick Price is a terrific lawyer!  He has practiced divorce and family law in the Fort Worth, Texas, area since 1976 and has been Board Certified as a

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